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Unfortunately, not all conditions can be tested for and a remedy may not be known for a particular problem. If the tests and suggestions on this page do not resolve your problem, please contact our support team at .

Automatic Tests

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Your operating system is not supported by Lyryx.
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Your browser cannot run Lyryx assignments. Lyryx recommends that you use the latest versions of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, but current versions of Internet Explorer and Safari can also be used. Other browers and devices may work as well, but are not as well tested with all Lyryx features.
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JavaScript is not enabled on this system
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We don't have any instructions for your browser
Lab Submit:   warning
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Adware Detection:   warning

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There is a browser extension or program running on your computer that is injecting code into the Lyryx site. This is often caused by adware that tries to display ads or pop-ups on all sites. If you experience problems running assignments, check your computer for adware or other invasive programs using a repuatable adware detection program.

We don't have any specific recomendations on adware removal programs to run on your computer.

NOTE: Although we provide links to free programs that we know have helped students before, we cannot provide support for any of these third party programs. If you are not comfortable with using these kinds of programs then we recommend that you contact a local reputable computer repair company for assistance.

Interactive Tests

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