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If you are new to Lyryx, we will create an account and course(s) for you, and notify you by email with the details.

If you have logged into your existing Lyryx instructor account, the Instructor Information below will populate automatically. When you submit the form, we will create your new course(s), assign them to your account, and send you an email with the details.

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Instructor Information

Please provide the following personal information. This will be used only to contact you regarding your Lyryx course.

Course Information

Please provide the following information about your course(s) that will be using Lyryx online assignments. In order to facilitate student registration, these course details should correspond to those published by your institution. You can request multiple sections of the same course on this form. For a different course, please submit a separate form.

? Enter the campus location where the students in this course will meet.
? Student's licence will expire after this date. Select a date until which students will retain access. If your course has no formal end date and students can register at any time, select "Continuous Enrollment" and include details in the comments box.
? Students' license will expire this many months from the day they register in the Lyryx course.
? Students' license will expire after this date. If you would like students to be able to practice for the final exam, choose a date after exams will be over.
? Enter the session for which your course will take place (ex. Fall 2021 or June Intake 2021).
? Enter the name of your course (ex. English Composition).
? Enter course code followed by course number (ex. ENGL 101).
? Enter the course section number/name for up to five sections. Each Course Section field below will be a separate Lyryx section. If you would like a single Lyryx section for your multiple sections, enter those numbers together, in only one field.

(*) Select a Textbook

Assignment Information

We are happy to offer you two options to create assignments for your course. Please select the option you prefer:

Self-Serve Assignments

You create your own Labs and/or Examinations using the tools included in your instructor account.

Based on Existing Lyryx Course

We can use an existing Lyryx course that uses the same textbook as a template for this new Lyryx course. Please list the course information of the existing course in the comments field below.

Special Requests

LMS Integration:
? If you have previously integrated a Lyryx course with your LMS, then you can reuse the process. If this is the first time, then we will send you the necessary instructions and information.
TA Access (optional):

Enter any questions you may have or additional information you think we might need below.

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